Holiday Sale



Just a quick update to let you know that we are having a holiday sale on the web site. The following items are on sale through the end of December:

Denali – Pinnacle DVD $10
Lovitt Transmissions: Volume One DVD $10
Pinebender – Working Nine To Wolf CD $9.00
Lovitt Records – Japanese Record Player T Shirt $8.00
Rah Bras – WHOHM CD $8.00
Haram - S/T CD $8.00
The Grey – Asleep At The Wheel CD $8.00
Sleepytime Trio – Memory Minus CD $8.00
Maximillian Colby – Discography CD $8.00
Ben Davis – Aided and Abetted CD $8.00
Decahedron – Disconnection Imminent $7.00
Bats & Mice – Believe It Mammals $7.00
Bats & Mice – S/T CD EP $3.00
Navies – An Estate CD EP $3.00
Decahedron – 2005 CD EP $3.00

We will have the Pinebender – Things Are About To Get Weird 2xLP and Fin Fang Foom – Native Tongue CD EP in the web store later this week for those who are interested.

If you are ordering gifts for the holidays from us, please order soon to make sure they arrive in time. We will process the orders as fast as we can but the mail delivery can take awhile so please take that into account when ordering.

Thank you for your continued support!

Lovitt Records

Oct/Nov 2006 Update


Hello everyone,

Hopefully everyone is having a nice fall so far. We have some news for you:

The new two-song 7" by Navies and new full-length by Pinebender, entitled Working Nine To Wolf, are now available for order on the web site! We are excited about both of these releases and think that you will enjoy them.

The two Navies songs on their new 7” are their best to date and the most representative of their explosive live shows. It's a straight-forward snapshot of Navies right now; Navies gets in, out, and done, leaving patches of scorched earth in the process. The 7" is pressed on clear vinyl and is currently limited to 500 copies. They are hopefully going to be playing some shows in the late fall / early winter.

Pinebender’s Working Nine To Wolf is an epic masterpiece comprising 8 songs and is over 60 mins. long. Guitars loom throughout the tracks from the semi-psychedelic to the furious, and amplifier worship is clearly on display. Working Nine To Wolf finds Pinebender at its most aggressive, yet the band adheres to the modus operandi that has made them special -- playing long melodic compositions very slowly and very loudly. The band is currently booking shows for the winter. Make sure not to miss them if they come through your town.

The Ben Davis / des_ark twelve-song split (five each and two together) entitled Battle Of The Beards is done and mastered. It was a really long process but we think you will feel it was well worth the wait when it comes out. It will be released in early 2007. but we hope to be able to sell it via our web site before the end of the year. Looks like we will have a limited run of 12”s for this releases as well.

In other des_ark news, they just hit the road for a month-long tour. Their tour dates can be found on our web site. We also now have copies of the des_ark live radio demos in our web store.

We are happy to let you know that we will be releasing a CD in early 2007 by Glös. Glös started as Keeley Davis (Engine Down, Denali) and Cornbread Compton (Engine Down). After collaborating on over 20 songs and having never physically played the songs together in a rehearsal environment, the duo decided to take even more advantage of the freedom that this style of writing offered. They invited Keeley's sister Maura Davis ( Denali) to join the project and add her beautiful, sultry vocals to the songs that already seemed perfect for her. If it weren't for the internet, none of the songs would have grown into the theatrical landscapes that they have become, since each member was working on different projects full-time in Texas, California, Virginia, North Carolina, and Illinois. After two years of writing and refining, Glös has its first album entitled Harmonium. We have posted a Glös song in the radio player on the web site and you can also listen to more on their myspace page (

The Grey just got back from their European tour. They are working on some new material and will be touring Canada throughout the winter and hope to make it to Japan and back to Europe next year.

Haram are working on new material with Jeff Kane (City of Caterpillar), who joined the band after the last record was recorded and hope to record material with him in the near future. They are playing some shows in the fall and winter around the East Coast. We recently got in some Haram shirts that we added to the web store. We do not have many of them so if you are interested, you should pick one up soon.

Fin Fang Foom’s new EP entitled Native Tongue was recently released on Stiffslack in Japan. We will have copies of the EP available in our web store in the near future. The band will be touring Japan soon with Balloons (who are on Stiffslack Records) to support the release.

Fin Fang Foom and Engine Down both have live songs on the Fest 3 DVD released by No Idea Records. The DVD also has performances by Against Me!, Hot Water Music, and Planes Mistaken For Stars, among others. The DVD is available in our web store for purchase.

The Cassettes have a new CD out entitled ‘Neath The Pale Moon on Buddyhead Records out of CA. They will be touring the US a lot behind the release.

In order to make some room for the new releases, the following stuff is currently on sale:

Engine Down self-titled LP is $5
Supine to Sit Break Out Your Indicators is $5
Bats & Mice A Person Carrying.. CD EP is $3
Bluebird High Atmosphere is $3
Jason Falkner Can You Still Feel? LP is $5
The Division of Laura Lee 97-99 CD is $5
Del Cielo Us Vs Them is $5
Bughummer The Getaway With is $5.

They would all make good holiday gifts for people!

More news soon.

Lovitt Records

The Grey - European Tour!


Hello everyone,

The Grey start their European tour in a few days. For those who live in Europe and are interested, the dates are below:

Sep 29, 2006 - Utrecht, Netherlands @ Acu w/ TBA
Sep 30, 2006 - Goettingen, Germany @ Juz w/ TBA
Oct 01, 2006 - Dresden, Germany @ AZ Conni w/ TBA
Oct 02, 2006 - Leipzig, Germany @ Zoro w/ TBA
Oct 03, 2006 - Brno, Czech Republic @ Yacht w/ TBA
Oct 04, 2006 - Passau, Germany @ Zakk w/ TBA
Oct 05, 2006 - Muenchen, Germany @ Kafe Kult w/ TBA
Oct 06, 2006 - Metz, France @ Le Tunnel w/ TBA
Oct 07, 2006 - Lyon, France @ Grrrnd Zero w/ Les George Leningrad
Oct 08, 2006 - Bordeaux, France @ L'Inca w/ TBA
Oct 09, 2006 - Poitiers, France @ Cod'Bar w/ TBA
Oct 13, 2006 - Bremen, Germany @ Gruenenstr. 18 w/ TBA
Oct 14, 2006 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Ungdomshuset w/ TBA
Oct 15, 2006 - Berlin, Germany @ Koma F / Köpi w/ TBA
Oct 16, 2006 - Wuerzburg, Germany @ Immerhin
Oct 17, 2006 - Muenster, Germany @ Gleis 22 w/ TBA
Oct 18, 2006 - Paderborn, Germany @ JZ Villa Neuhaus w/ TBA
Oct 19, 2006 - Braunschweig, Germany @ Nexus w/ TBA
Oct 20, 2006 - Saarlouis, Germany @ Juz w/ TBA
Oct 21, 2006 - Cologne, Germany @ Rubinrot w/ TBA

Please check the shows page for any changes or additions to their tour schedule.

Take Care,

Lovitt Records

Ben Davis To Play The Kennedy Center


Ben Davis
is playing at Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center, on Tuesday, September 12, 2006. It's a rare opportunity for a Lovitt artist to perform at a place like the Kennedy Center so hopefully some people will be able to come out for it. He will be playing with his full backing band (The Jetts) and will be playing songs off of his two full lengths and also some new songs coming out soon on his upcoming split full-length with des_ark.


Ben Davis
Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
6PM-7PM(he is the only one playing)
Free admission

More information can also be found at:

Sad News To Pass A long


On July 8th, Mike Maran, bass guitar player for Ruby Dare (previously known as the Shivers), passed away after a four year battle with lymphomma. He was a familiar face in the local DC music scene for many years. In addition to playing in Ruby Dare, he played lap steel in Shortstack, drums in No Lie Relaxer and contributed to countless other projects. He will be missed by many.