Puff Pieces "Bland in D.C" Out Now!


The full-length debut by Washington, D.C. trio, Puff Pieces is out now! The first 500 copies of the LP were pressed on translucent yellow vinyl.

Puff Pieces "Bland in D.C." out this Spring!


Bland In D.C.
, the debut record by Puff Pieces will be out this Spring. The album includes 11 songs recorded by the group and by Devin Ocampo in Washington, D.C. 

You can listen to the song "Women and Men w/ Guns" on Soundcloud

Frodus "And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea" LP Reissue Out 11/23


Originally released in 2001, And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea was the final release by Northern Virginia-based trio, Frodus. 

Recorded in the summer of 1999 with Brian McTernan at Salad Days Studios, Weapons is a depiction of life in the late 20th century at the cusp of a major technological and lifestyle transition. It’s an album that documents the times, displaying within the music the undying human element that remains glowing amongst the constant hum of the world. 

Since the initial release, the album has continued to build a die-hard fan base, despite the group’s inactivity. Countless bands have named Frodus as influencers to their sound and the landscape of experimental hardcore music. 


Mailorder Shut Down Through July 5th


Mailorder will be shut down through JUly 5th. Any orders places before then, will be shipped after July 5th. If you would like faster service, please order from the Dischord website. Thanks!

AUXES announce "Boys In My Head” Digital Release


AUXES is the brainchild of Dave Laney, also known as guitarist and founding member of the bands MILEMARKER and CHALLENGER.  Initially conceived as a solo project, the first AUXES LP, “Sunshine” (Lovitt Records, 2007), was an impressive display of multi-instrumental virtuosity, with Dave handling all instruments and even engineering the recording himself.  Their latest album, “Boys In My Head”, represents the direct culmination of each of the musicians’ unique influences, resulting in melody-driven noise- rock with pop appeal that has won the band positive reviews and features in publications such as Visions (DE), Intro (DE), Slam (AT), Ox (DE), Silver Rocket (CZ) and MOWNO (FR) .  

Four LPs into their existence, Auxes continue to sail against the preconceived boundries and restraints of punk, indie rock, noise rock, and pop. They've taken their sonic spectacle across Europe and the USA, putting in 200+ shows in 19 countries.  You can purchase “Boys In My Head” digitally via our Bandcamp page or a host of other digital sites including iTunes.