Des Ark WXDU Vol 3 Now Available On LP!


To say Aimée Argote is a prolific songwriter is a complete understatement. She's constantly creating and touring, and you shouldn't miss an opportunity to see her perform live. The 9 songs on this 12" were recorded live on WXDU 88.7 by Ross Grady in January of 2010 and were performed by a solo Des Ark — that means it's just Aimée with her guitar and voice, backed occasionally by guitarist Johnny Ward (Pygmy Lush). The vinyl is a coke bottle clear color and the cover art features a two-color screen-print. This is a re issue of the Paramnesia Records version which is now out of print.

Des Ark hits the road with Tim Barry and Appleseed Cast


After taking a few months to regroup after the release of, and tour(s) around their last full length, Des Ark are back at it again.  The band will be headed out on the road, first with Avail's Tim Barry, followed by a jaunt with The Appleseed Cast throughout much of the midwest.  This kicks off what promises to be a busy year for the band as they get ready to record a follow up to Don't Rock The Boat, Sink The Fucker.

In the meantime, you can check out stripped down sessions with Aimée Argote on WXDU.  Volume 1 and Volume 2 have just been released on Bandcamp and Lovitt will be reissuing WXDU Vol. 3 featuring Johnny Ward of Pygmy Lush in the coming weeks.

Tour dates below. Get pumped.

"Anyone expecting agitprop mallpunk or ironic cowpunk covers may be surprised by the shimmery pop sound of (Des Ark), which creates a dynamic, often dense sound out of a minimum of instruments." - Pitchfork (

Jul 18, 2013 Washington , DC DC9 w/Tim Barry
Jul 19, 2013 Philly, PA Johnny Brendas w/Tim Barry
Jul 20, 2013 Brooklyn, NY Knitting Factory w/Tim Barry
Jul 21, 2013 Boston, MA Middle East w/Tim Barry
Jul 23, 2013 Montreal, Canada QUAI DES BRUMMES w/Tim Barry
Jul 24, 2013 Toronto, Canada Hard Luck Bar w/Tim Barry
Jul 25, 2013 London, Canada Call The Office w/Tim Barry
Jul 26, 2013 Detroit, MI Magic Stick w/Tim Barry
Jul 27, 2013 Pittsburgh, PA 31st Street Pub w/Tim Barry
Aug 08, 2013 Chicago, IL Fireside Bowl w/THE APPLESEED CAST
Aug 09, 2013 Chicago, IL Fireside Bowl w/THE APPLESEED CAST
Aug 10, 2013 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock Social Club w/THE APPLESEED CAST
Aug 11, 2013 Madison, WI The Frequency w/THE APPLESEED CAST
Aug 12, 2013 St Louis, MO Off Broadway w/THE APPLESEED CAST
Aug 13, 2013 Louisville, KY Zanzabar w/THE APPLESEED CAST
Aug 14, 2013 Lexington, KY Cosmic Charlies w/THE APPLESEED CAST
Aug 15, 2013 Grand Rapids, MI Pyramid Scheme w/THE APPLESEED CAST
Aug 16, 2013 DeKalb, IL House Café w/THE APPLESEED CAST
Aug 17, 2013 Cleveland, OH Cleveland Public Theater w/TBA (Part of Festival)
Aug 19, 2013 Bloomington, IL The Castle Theatre w/THE APPLESEED CAST


Office Of Future Plans release split release with Daria


We are really excited to release the first in a series of splits and singles. This one is with our friends in the Office of Future Plans and Daria.

You can can check out and buy on our site or bandcamp page

Office Of Future Plans: 
1. Solipsist (new original) 
2. The English Cloud (Daria cover) 
3. 24 Doors (Rifle Sport cover)

4. As The Dust Settles (new original) 
5. Dumb It Down (Office of Future Plans cover) 
6. I Want The Moon (Leatherface cover)

The Office of Future Plans (the new project from onetime Jawbox frontman J Robbins along with cellist Gordon Withers, bassist Brooks Harlan, and drummer Darren Zentek) have a new split release with French band Daria. But while the music is new, their relationship runs deep. The friendship between OFP and Daria partially rests on shared experiences working with late producer Iain Burgess. Burgess had recorded Jawbox's Novelty, and Daria worked with him as well, after Iain moved to France in the 90s. The idea for the 7" + EP came about as a nod to Burgess's work and his role in shaping the "Chicago Sound" of the 90s which went on to influence Steve Albini and much of guitar-based indie rock.

The 7" contains two new originals from each band, but there are 4 digital bonus tracks as well: 2 of each band covering the other, and 2 other covers in honor of the late producer Iain Burgess. OFP covers Rifle Sport's "24 Doors", and Daria covers Leatherface's "I Want The Moon". The songs are exactly what they should be, a blast of angular and sinewy music that sounds at once fresh and yet makes absolute sense in the lineage of either band. Both bands churn through their respective songs, playing with the kind of passion and depth that is reflective of their mutual admiration of each other and in honor of Burgess - it is a fitting tribute to an amazing legacy.


Auxes 7"!


Dave Laney of Milemarker fame has continued to release some pretty amazing music as Auxes and we are excited to release a brand new  7" inch with 4 songs from their new full length (out now in Europe only on Gunner Records). The band will be touring Europe extensively and hopes to come to the US in the Spring. The 7" included a 13 Song download of the full length on Gunner Records.

Order The New Redgrave 12"!


We are excited to announce that you can now order the National Act EP! We are super excited about this release. You can check out a track for youself at: 

The band has shows booked around the release which you can find more information on by clicking on the shows tab.