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The Mercury Program

a data learn the language (LOV087)

1. Tequesta
2. Fragile or Possibly Extinct
3. Slightly Drifting
4. Egypt
5. To/From Iceland
6. You Yourself Are Too Serious
7. Gently Turned on Your Head
8. Sultans of el Sur

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Some background: originally released in 2002 on CD by Tiger Style, the vinyl version of A Data Learn the Language was left to Counterflow Records. However, as that label became caught up in legal and financial difficulties, the bulk of the pressing mysteriously disappeared. Fewer than 100 copies wound up making it into circulation.

Long out of print and extremely hard to find on wax, the record has been recut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service and will be pressed at 45RPM with a gatefold sleeve.